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Specialized individual, online therapy, and intensive out-patient psychotherapy for OCD and anxiety spectrum disorders in Orange County, across Southern California, and everywhere online

As the director of CalOCD, I am dedicated to helping you overcome your fears, developing a better relationship with your thoughts, and building your resilience to handle obsessive thoughts without compulsion behaviors. Using evidence-based techniques, I am passionate about empowering people who are tired of their anxiety-imposed limits and want to be themselves again. If that’s you, I want to help you get back to a life guided by you, not your anxiety.

Founded on the principal of providing the highest quality, personalized treatment for OCD and anxiety treatment, CalOCD works to engage each client on an individual basis. This is especially the case with our increasingly interconnected and digital world. Through secure and easy to use online therapy for OCD and anxiety, CalOCD can help you reach your therapy goals whether you are seeking therapy in Orange County, anxiety treatment in Southern California, or OCD treatment internationally.

Kevin Foss, MFT
CalOCD Director

The California OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center has specialized training in treating all disorders across the anxiety and OCD spectrum, including:

If you are struggling to overcome your fears, stop the never ending compulsive cycle, and get your life back from constant rumination or avoidance, CalOCD is here to help. With years of experience specializing in OCD therapy in California, CalOCD utilizes the “Golden Standard” of anxiety treatment. This “Golden Standard” includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), and mindfulness-based techniques such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). When used together, OCD and anxiety symptoms can become minimized and overcome.

Upon request, all current and prospective clients may receive a “Good Faith Estimate” to help them anticipate any charges they may be billed as part of treatment.

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The California OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center offers online therapy for OCD and anxiety disorders, Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) programs, and individual therapy in Orange County. In addition to offering OCD and anxiety disorders treatment in Southern California and across all of California state, CalOCD can meet with individuals and families for online counseling in Montana and many states. Finally, California offers online therapy for OCD and anxiety disorders internationally in most countries.