About the California OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center

The California OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center was founded by Kevin Foss, MFT in 2019. CalOCD was founded with a vision to provide high quality, evidence-based treatment for OCD and Anxiety spectrum disorders. Our program strives to meet clients’ clinical needs to the best of our ability, which is why we provide online therapy and phone therapy, group therapy, and a flexible Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) treatment program.

CalOCD offers online therapy, individual, group, and intensive out-patient treatment in Fullerton, CA. We also serve Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and San Diego counties.

CalOCD’s mission is to educate and empower clients to boldly engage their fears with confidence and courage. Therapists believe that people can change and improve their lives. They also believe that people are stronger than they think. Kevin often comments “My job is to put myself out of a job,” meaning his goal is to partner with clients and equip them with the skills and assurance that they can effectively handle their anxiety well past the end of treatment.

Therapists with CalOCD believe that psychotherapy, especially Exposure and Response Prevention, doesn’t have to be needlessly painful and boring. Instead, they strive to make exposures engaging, applicable, and (*gasp*) fun.

The offices for the California OCD and Anxiety Center are located near the California State University Fullerton (CSUF) campus in Fullerton, CA. Being conveniently located off the 57 freeway on Chapman Ave., CalOCD is easily accessible to Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire, South Orange County, and all of North Orange County, including:

  • Fullerton
  • Orange
  • Brea
  • Yorba Linda
  • Placentia
  • Anaheim
  • Santa Ana
  • Irvine
  • Costa Mesa
  • Newport Beach

Online Therapy For OCD and Anxiety

The therapists with the California OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center specialize in using the latest and most secure video chat technology for online therapy, also known as teletherapy. Online and phone therapy is an extremely helpful tool for those seeking effective and convenient psychotherapy from across town or across the world.

A growing body of research is showing that teletherapy is becoming more and more popular with clients, and is an effective means of receiving therapy. While some are skeptical of its effectiveness, or fear that it will lack some unique quality of a traditional face-to-face therapy session, online therapy for OCD and anxiety disorders is proving to be a convenient, and more importantly successful, way of connecting people to knowledgeable therapists.

In fact, online therapy for OCD and anxiety disorders has some unique advantages over that of traditional office sessions. For example, since many anxiety triggers exist in one’s home or office, online therapy sessions grant the therapist the ability to conduct sessions without traveling. Similarly, for those who live a long distance from an anxiety treatment specialist, teletherapy can now facilitate access to effective treatment. Online therapy also gives the client and therapist greater flexibility in finding a meeting time. Since therapy can take place in the client’s home or office, teletherapy removes the obstacle of battling rush-hour traffic or taking time off to meet for a mid-day session.

Mr. Foss is licensed in both California and Montana, which allows him to work with anyone within those states in person or online. Additionally, several states within the United States allow for time-limited, cross-state treatment. These states include:

• Alabama
• Indiana
• Florida
• Kansas
• Idaho
• Arizona
• Wyoming

To learn more about the limitations for each state, you may contact CalOCD for more information.

International Clients

For those interested in working with CalOCD, but are unable to come to our offices in Fullerton, CalOCD can meet with client using online therapy technology. Utilizing online teletherapy technology now allows people who may not otherwise have access to treatment in their home country to obtain effective treatment using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention.

Online therapy is a tremendously effective means of seeking treatment for OCD and anxiety spectrum disorders. Very often OCD and anxiety sufferers struggle to find a therapist that understands the nature of their disorder, leading them to feel alone and hopeless. Furthermore, many will attempt to seek a local therapist who may attempt OCD therapy using a Psychodynamic or “talk-therapy” based treatment method, which can have a counterproductive effect. Therefore, online CBT and Exposure treatment with a knowledgeable therapist is paramount.

Mr. Foss has been using online therapy for over a decade and has helped people all over the world, including:

• England
• Belgium
• France
• Ireland
• Canada
• Mexico
• Egypt
• South Africa
• Saudi Arabia
• China
• Russia
• United Arab Emirates
• Australia
• New Zealand
• Norway
• India

Specialized Therapy for OCD and Anxiety

The staff of CalOCD understand that OCD and anxiety treatment requires specialized training and a thorough understanding of the intricacies and nuances of the disorders for therapy to be successful. This expertise is also necessary for panic disorder, Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Hypochondria, and phobias. While many other therapists claim to treat these disorders, they unfortunately lack the understanding and proficiency required to break through and facilitate long lasting change.

Kevin Foss, the founder of the California OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center, is well versed in OCD and anxiety treatment, and has given several professional presentations on the subjects at local and national conferences. These conferences include the International OCD Foundation’s national conference in Los Angeles, CA, and Boston, MA. Mr. Foss has also given presentations on Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors for the treatment of Trichotillomania and Excoriation (compulsive skin picking) at disorder specific conferences with the Trichotillomania Learning Center. Furthermore, Mr. Foss has presented on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for OCD and anxiety treatment with the OCD SoCal conference in Irvine, CA. He also hosts the FearCast, a podcast focused on OCD and anxiety treatment.

Click here to learn more about Kevin Foss, MFT.

To learn more about the program, or to schedule a 15 minute consultation, please contact CalOCD here.